Rasul Mud Treatment Johannesburg

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Rasul Mud Treatment Johannesburg - Royal Orchid Thai Spa in Johannesburg - two female friends apply mineral mud in the Steam Room

What is a Rasul Mud Treatment and why you should totally use it

Rasul Mud Treatment Johannesburg

History of the Rasul

The Rasul Mud Treatment is an ancient Arabian cleansing treatment using steam, heat and mineral mud. In Arabic, “Rasul” means “prophet or messenger”. Exactly why this deep-cleansing treatment is called Rasul is steeped in mystery, but it doesn’t take a prophet to predict the benefits – improved circulation, soothed muscles, cleansed pores and the softest skin ever.

The Rasul Chamber or Turkish Bath at Royal Orchid Thai Spa can accommodate 5 people

The Rasul Chamber or Turkish Bath at Royal Orchid Thai Spa can accommodate 5 people

We do know that the Ottoman Sultans used this favoured cleansing bath in their harems, which is why this treatment is also known as a Turkish Bath.

The Rasul (also known as “Serail”) takes place in a tiled chamber filled with heated steam. In the middle-east, especially Turkey, this type of steam room is called a Hammam. These glorious and exotic rooms have always been decorated with beautiful traditional tiles befitting a Sultan. Nowadays, Hammams are not always decorated in the traditional fashion but are modern, like the steam chamber at Royal Orchid Thai Spa. Here everything is thoroughly modern with 5 built in seats – all tiled in marble “tessera” (or mosaic tiles).

The Rasul Mud Treatment Ritual

The idea behind the bath is to deeply cleanse pores, refresh the skin and soothe aching muscles. Best taken before a massage, the Rasul (also “Rhassoul” is pronounced “Razul”) starts with a Scrub, which you apply all over your body. (Your therapist will prep the chamber with all you need). Using a granular sugar-based gel-like concoction, it is best applied with a vigorous rub. This process of “scrubbing” is important to prep the skin for the next application – the mud. The granules in the scrub remove surface impurities and dead skin. Having a partner you trust and are comfortable with to administer the scrub is more effective.

Medical studies show that frequent rasul bathing, which is an extended and controlled exposure to warm, moist/dry air, aids tension relief through muscle relaxation. The elimination of toxins through opened pores keeps the circulatory system running smoothly.Benefits of a Rasul and how it works - Ginkgo Spa and Wellness Group

Prepping your skin for the mud

Now that your skin is thoroughly scrubbed, the exfoliator substance can be washed off with warm water using the hand shower next to the chamber’s built-in seats. Using cold water will only close the pores which is counter-productive – the idea is to open the pores for the mineral mud. This part of the treatment should take about 5 minutes.

Now for the best part – slathering on the mineral mud. The therapist will have prepped the chamber with bowls of dead sea mud at your seat before-hand. At Royal Orchid Thai Spa we use Dead Sea mud known for its many healing properties. Apply this mud all over your wet body, from face to toes. The mud spreads easily and quickly.

The Ottomans favoured a medicinal mud from the Greek island of Limnos called “terra sealilata”.

The Benefits of Dead Sea Mud and Rasul Bath

Almost everyone has heard of the amazing health benefits of mud from the Dead Sea. The high concentrations of salts and minerals have been widely studied – it is particularly rich in magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium. Use of Dead Sea mud has been studied in connection with many health benefits and healing properties for physical ailments such as eczema, psoriasis and acne. It is not a cure, but regular use has been shown to help keep these conditions under control. The mud should not replace treatments prescribed by your doctor.

Relax in a sensual environment

Now that you’re “mudded up”, the only thing left to do is sit back and relax for 20 minutes in a magical sensual environment lit with coloured starlights on the ceiling. The darkened Rasul Chamber will periodically emit steam to open the pores and let the dead sea mud do its magic. This is the time for peaceful reflection and warm conversations with a partner or friends. Relaxation is key for the whole body and mind. It’s important to immerse yourself in the moment. After all, a relaxed mind results in a relaxed body.

How long should a Rasul Treatment last? At Royal Orchid Thai Spa the ritual takes 30 minutes

Wait for the Rain

Your therapist will have told you to “Wait for the Rain”. Yes, you heard correctly. Rain will start to fall from the ceiling gently washing away the mud, and hopefully all your troubles too. Once the rain stops after about 3 minutes, the Rasul Bath is complete. Use the hand shower to wash away excess mud.

Your skin should now feel exquisitely soft and alive.

After drying yourself down, wrap yourself in a soft gown and refresh your body with liquids – hydrate with water from the refreshment station at our Spa Lounge. We suggest taking a 60 minute full body massage after your Rasul Mud Bath – your relaxed body is perfectly prepped at this stage for a massage treatment. But is entirely optional.

The Rasul at Royal Orchid Thai Spa – How it works

  • Enter Chamber

  • Apply Body Scrub vigourously - about 4 minutes

  • Wash off Body Scrub using hand shower - about 1 minute

  • Apply Dead Sea Mud all over your body and relax - 20 minutes

  • Rain washes mud away - 3 minutes

  • Wash excess mud with Hand shower (if necessary)

  • Exit Chamber

  • Hydrate

What to wear for the Rasul Mud Treatment

We suggest bringing an old bikini (for men a pair of old swimming shorts will do) as the mud can stain the fabric. The idea is to allow for the application of the scrub and mud over as much of your body as possible. We do supply “throw-away” disposable g-strings for both men and women, but we do encourage you to bring your own, especially if you’re in a group.

Spa Special – “Rasul Relax” Extended by popular demand

Since launching our Rasul Relax Special, it has become so popular that we’ve extended our offer until end February 2019! The initial offering which includes a 30 minute Rasul Mud Treatment followed by a 60 minute full body Swedish Massage is still available but we’ve added another treatment extension – our Express Facial with a discount.  
Book using the booking form below:

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