So Doen Mens Hare TV Show

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Anneke Oberholzer TV Presenter of So Doen Mens hare TV Show sponsored by Royal Orchid Thai Spa

So Doen Mens Hare TV Show

Sponsored by Royal Orchid Thai Spa

It’s been quite a thing, this TV show business! As you know we have been shooting a bunch of episodes for the new So Doen Mens Hare TV show - of which Royal Orchid Thai Spa is the named sponsor. The show is due to be aired in March 2018 - and we will announce the first episode as soon as we know.

So what is “So Doen Mens Hare” TV SHOW all about?

It’s “Idols for Hair Stylists” - that’s how Anneke Oberholzer described it. Anneke is the TV presenter for the series, but she also conceptualised the show and happens to be owner of Mizpah Hair - a premium supplier of Hair Extensions.

Each week the crew from Be Your Dream Productions took to the road to various participating salons - from Parys to Cape Town - to shoot contestants vying for the ultimate prize - the “best stylist”.

Every Friday we had the various contestants or Salon Owners visit the Spa for a complimentary treatment - and then had them interviewed about the treatments they received.

How and why we became involved with a TV Show

Serendipity is not a word one uses often, but in this case it's a good word - "a happy coincidence". But long story short, I met the producer, Lana, at a local business owners forum. We got chatting about something else, and, as they say, one thing led to another.

Lana pitched me the idea of the show, and after visiting the Spa, decided that the location was perfect. 

Luckily, I had already started the process of renovating areas of the property to bring it back to life - and having our beautiful spa on TV just meant that we had to do it quickly so we can be ready for our close up.

The exposure on TV for Royal Orchid Thai Spa would be worth the effort - an opportunity not to be missed!

Gallery: Behind The Scenes Spa Visits by Contestants of the Show

The Players - Who's Who behind the scenes of the So Doen Mens hare TV Show

When I'm watching a TV Show, I like to know who's who. Sometimes I'll Google the show to see who the actors are, what they've done, etc.. So in the interests of "filing everything in it's correct place", here they are:

Anneke Oberholzer Tv Presenter of So Doen Mens Hare TV Show

Anneke Oberholzer

Anneke conceptualised the idea of So Doen Mens Hare, and as the TV Presenter, is the face of the show. She is a savvy business woman as well - she owns Mizpah Hair which supplies Hair Extensions to hair salons countrywide.

Anais - South Africa Artist of Be Your Dream Project and So Doen Mens Hare TV Show


Anais is a well-known South African artist and is tied to this project through Be Your Dream Project - a Recording Studio and Production Facility based in Alberton. A truly inspirational personality, and also a savvy business woman, Anais is the National Ambassador for LifeLine South Africa. Royal Orchid Thai Spa will be featured by Anais on her regular Schools Road Show where she inspires the youth and highlights her Be Your Dream Project and involvement with Lifeline South Africa.

The Contestants and Participating Hair Salons

I had the pleasure of meeting some of the participating contestants at their salons on shooting days with the crew. I found each of them to be inspirational and loved getting to know them. Here are some of our "Behind the scenes" galleries: (we will be adding more galleries as soon as we've done editing)

Studio @ 23

Salon Owner: Chamain Smith
Where: Boksburg

Maxwell Haus

Salon Owner: Marcel Engelbrecht
Where: Centurion

Bella La Vita

Salon Owner: Sune Calitz
Where: Kempton Park


Salon Owner: Clara & Tanya
Where: Kempton Park


Salon Owner: JC
Where: Parys


Salon Owner: Angela Kelley
Where: Roodepoort

Final Edits and Credits

The final shoot took place at the Spa on Friday 16 March, and although we may have occasionally disrupted the normal pace of life here at Royal Orchid Thai Spa, we will miss the crew who were all so kind, accommodating and professional. 

The footage is being cut and edited in studio to be ready for flighting on various channels towards the end of March 2018.

We will post the airing dates as soon as we know the details.

I would also like to thank Pierre du Plooy, Maurice Loois, Lana, Crystal and the crew for their direction and making me feel comfortable in front of the cameras!

Also, special mention must be made to Janine Davidson of  Scarab Jewellery Studio in Cape Town for dressing myself and Anneke in beautiful jewellery for the Show.

Here's looking forward to the final Show! 

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