Corporate Wellness Day Mobile Spa

Let our corporate wellness day mobile spa
take the stress out of organising your corporate wellness days

We've put a lot of thought and planning into creating an efficient, well-run Royal Orchid Spa Mobile Spa
for the office environment - helping you to plan the perfect Corporate Wellness Day.
We've run the numbers, assessed the time-lines and the results are in:
we are confident that we can offer a highly effective and professional mobile spa service to corporates.
To that end, to assist you in planning, we have created a Cost Estimator Calculator that quickly multiplies the services and options by the number of staff in your organisation. Travel Costs are estimated too, based on the distance we'll need to travel from our headquarters to yours.
The Options shown are just a sample of what we can offer - Please contact me, Sherril Rankin, to put together a unique package based on your specific requirements.

corporate wellness day mobile spa Treatment Options

We have created various package options but we are also able to create a custom package based on the staff numbers, space available and budget.

Corporate Wellness Day Mobile Spa by Royal Orchid Thai Spa

Neck & Shoulder massage - 15 minute treatment

15 Minute Neck & Shoulder Massage
Minimum 10 Clients - Max 50 Clients @ R150 per person

10 Clients - 2 therapists +  set up and strike = Total 3 hours
11 - 20 Clients - 4 therapists +  set up and strike = Total 3 hours
20 - 30 Clients - 6 therapists (including a lunch Break) + set up and strike = Total 3.5 hours
30 - 40 Clients - 6 therapists (including a lunch Break) + set up and strike = Total 4 hours
40 - 50 Clients - 6 therapists (including a lunch Break) + set up and strike = Total 4.5 hours

Massage for the Corporate Environment:

We employ the “dry massage” technique to massage the neck and shoulders without asking the client to remove clothing. Instead, a soft cloth is placed over clothing and the therapist can then use the fluidity of the cloth to massage the client without excess strain on the therapist's hands. The cloth causes no damage to the clients clothing. Option 5 can only accommodate 1 - 12 clients due to the longer treatment duration. This option is available for smaller groups.

All the options and timings can very complicated -
Use the easy to use Cost Estimator and Booking Form below:
(it does all the math for you)

How much for a CORPORATE WELLNESS DAY Mobile Spa?

Use this calculator to estimate costs and build options for your event
CALCULATORCost Estimator

REQUIREMENTS for a successful Corporate Wellness Day mobile spa

Venue Requirements

  • Enough room to set up our equipment. Private space is preferable so as to give your guests enough privacy to enjoy the treatment - OR - Therapists will attend to each client at their desk
  • Electricity point
  • Permission to play soft music during the treatments
  • Wi-Fi Access if possible

What we supply

  • Music (if dedicated area provided)
  • Dry Massage Cloths
  • Sanitiser
  • Chairs and Privacy Screens if required

Travel & Timing

  • Travel will be charged at R12.00 per km as well as toll fees if required
  • Minimum of 6 Clients - Max of 50 Clients depending on option selected.
  • We allow a 5 minute gap between each client
  • A lunch/Tea break is incorporated for bigger groups
  • Please note that treatments need to be completed by latest 5.30 pm
  • 30 minutes before and 30 Minutes after for set up and strike if required

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