Sports Massage 947 Cycle Challenge

relieve those aching muscles with a Deep Tissue sports massage

First of all, if you've decided to take part in the 947 Cycle Challenge - Congratulations! Hat's off. Cyclists need to go fast, and we're going to make our point fast: You'll need a bit of pampering after the race. And we have some options - with a bonus:

Take advantage of our Monday Madness offer which adds an extra 50% TIME FREE to your choice of massage. That's how a 30 minute massage magically becomes a 45 minute massage at no extra charge.

May we suggest the following for the aftermath of the 947 Cycle Challenge:

1 Sports/Deep Tissue Massage (Back Neck Shoulders):

This is a 30 minute massage - for Back, Neck and Shoulders. Book on a Monday and get an extra 15 minutes FREE.

2 Sports/Deep Tissue Massage (60 Minutes):

Classic Deep Tissue Sports Massage. This is a 60 minute full body massage - Book on a Monday and get an extra 30 minutes FREE.

3 Sports/Deep Tissue Massage (90 Minutes):

An hour and a half of Deep Tissue Massage - NOT available for a Monday Madness Special. Why? The reason for excluding a 90 minute treatment from the Monday Madness is simple - over-stimulation. Your body can only take so much - an extra 45 minutes will be doing more harm than good.

PLEASE NOTE - although we've only singled out the Deep Tissue Sports massage - you can opt for any of the massages on the list - the Monday Madness Special applies to treatments of max 60 minutes and under only.

Price List - Massages 

TreatmentMonday Madness SpecialPrice
Sports/Deep Tissue Massage (30 Minutes) BNSYESR315
Sports/Deep Tissue Massage (60 Minutes)YESR430
Sports/Deep Tissue Massage (90 Minutes)NOR590
Traditional Thai Massage (60 Minutes)YESR430
Traditional Thai Massage (90 Minutes)NOR590
Swedish Massage (60 Minutes)YESR430
Swedish Massage (90 Minutes)NOR590
Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage (30 Minutes)YESR275
Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage (45 Minutes)YESR345
Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage (60 Minutes)YESR430
Neck and Shoulder Massage (15 Minutes)YESR135
Thai Foot Massage (30 Minutes)YESR245
Thai Foot Massage (60 Minutes)YESR365
Aromatherapy Massage (60 Minutes)YESR430
Aromatherapy Massage (30 Minutes)YESR355
Hot Stone Massage (60 Minutes)YESR430
Hot Stone Massage (90 Minutes)NOR590

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