Teen Spa Treatments

Time for a teen spa treatment! Selected treatments perfect for teens (with a discount built in)

We love having the Ladies of tomorrow at our day spa - and have selected treatments which are best suited for teenage skins and young active bodies aged 14 to 19 years of age.

Book your teen for one or more of the selected treatments for any occasion - birthday pamper, achievement pamper or just an "I love you" pamper.

The booking form includes treatment booking request for you too! (we assume that some teens will be accompanied by her mom - or dad - and we can arrange a pamper too. Our reception will phone you to discuss all the options).


Teen sports deep tissue massage

We especially like to offer this massage for the active teen, particularly a teen that engages in sporting activities of any kind.
Massage Detail: Works layer by layer through connective tissue and muscles down to the deepest accessible layers to change posture and create freedom of movement by releasing fascial adhesions and chronic muscle contracture.

Duration: 60 minutes

Teen Facial

Treatment Detail: A pampering facial treatment customised to the teenage skin. Consisting of cleansing, toning, exfoliation, steam, extractions, massage, mask and moisturise. This will leave your teenager's skin feeling deeply cleansed, rejuvenated and revitalized.

Duration: 45 Minutes

Teen Express Manicure

One of the most important body parts in a young teenager's whole life! (besides all the other most important body parts in a young teenager's whole life!:)) - is her hands and finger nails. Make sure she puts her best hands forward for every occasion.
Treatment Detail: soaking hands, exfoliation, cuticle work, nail shaping, massage and nail polishing.

Duration: 30 Minutes

Teen Express Pedicure

Your growing teenager has big shoes to fill, and her feet should definitely look the part.
Treatment Detail: foot soaking, exfoliation, foot filing, nail clipping and shaping, foot and calf massage and nail polishing.

Duration: 30 Minutes


TEEN Sports Deep Tissue MassageR400
TEEN Facial 45 MinutesR400
TEEN Express Manicure without Nail Polish R195
TEEN Express Manicure with Nail PolishR210
TEEN Express Pedicure without Nail PolishR205
TEEN Express Pedicure with Nail PolishR215

Prices valid until 31 August 2020. Treatments are exclusive to Teen (14 - 19 Years) - ID may be requested.